Kim Hee Ae Finally Meets Her Impersonator Kim Young Chul

Among fans of Korean entertainment, Kim Young Chul is known for his hilarious impersonations of celebrities. However, among the many celebrities he is able to imitate, actress Kim Hee Ae has been one of his most popular and funny acts. Thus, when Kim Young Chul was featured on MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge” a few weeks ago and parodied Kim Hee Ae’s “Secret Love Affair,” one knew right away that a legend skit would be born.

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Indeed, Kim Young Chul came out with literally oil on his face, impersonating Kim Hee Ae’s signature dewy skin. Through his expressions and exaggerative pronunciations, Kim Young Chul’s “Secret Love Affair” parody was an internet sensation. However, little did the gagman know that weeks later he would be meeting the actress in person.

kim hee ae

On the May 31 broadcast of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” Kim Young Chul met face to face with Kim Hee Ae, and was actually asked to impersonate the actress as she sat and watched his act. Known to be a class act, Kim Hee Ae took no offense to the parody and laughed along with the other “Infinity Challenge” members. 

kim hee ae

After the broadcast, Kim Young Chul posted on his Twitter, “Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Jae Suk, and Kim Young Chul, the three meet.” Along with the comment, the gagman posted an image of him and Kim Hee Ae embracing with a smile on their faces, while Yoo Jae Suk posed in the background.” The friendly meeting sparked even more laughter as Kim Young Chul once again nailed his impersonation of Kim Hee Ae.

Check out the “Secret Love Affair” parody below!