Lee Sung Jin Loses License and Pays Penalty for Drunk Driving

Lee Sung Jin, from 90s boy band NRG, is caught in yet another rut.

The singer is found guilty of drunk driving, causing him to pay a penalty and have his driver’s license canceled due to the incident.

“Lee Sung Jin was caught drunk driving in the early morning of May 30 at a food alley in Bucheon,” confirmed a representative from the Bucheon Wonmi Police Station on June 1 through an interview with Star News.

According to the police, all investigations regarding the incident that Lee Sung Jin is involved in are finished. Lee Sung Jin’s blood alcohol content was 0.219%, which qualified him for cancellation of driver’s license and the payment of a penalty. In Korea, the limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is 0.05%.

Aside from this, Lee Sung Jin is also under investigation at a different police station for suspicions of swindling money due to his gambling problem.

“Investigations regarding his drunk driving incident is already finished on the same day. The Nowon Police Station is in charge of the matters regarding his suspicions of swindling incident,” clarified a police officer from the Bucheon Police Station.