U-KISS Releases “Mono Scandal” Album and 19+ Music Video

U-KISS is back with their ninth mini album “Mono Scandal.” The return will be the first in eight month since their last album. Unlike their previous album, U-KISS challenged a different concept, with the teaser for the music video being rated as +19. The the preview images also have foreshadowed how the new song will showcase U-Kiss’ sexier side as the members were captured staring deeply in to the camera while showing their abs!

mono scandal

Moreover, “Mono Scandal” will be the first time the group reveals their new member, Jun, who replaced former member Dongho. With AJ continuing his studies in Columbia University, U-Kiss will promote “Mono Scandal” as six members. Collaborating with Duble Sidekick, “Mono Scandal” showcases the members’ vocals that were suitably matched with the song’s choreography.

“Mono Scandal” was released on June 2. Check out the music video below! It’s rated R so watch at your own discretion.