Blue Eye Master Jay Park Switches Team in Dancing 9?

The producers of the dance survival show “Dancing 9″ uploaded on Mnet‘s official YouTube channel a video of Jay Park doing his explosive dance moves and auditioning for the judges of the show.

During the draft period wherein the masters of Red Wings and Blue Eye were choosing the members of their team, they took a break and asked Jay Park to “audition” for them.

Red Wings Master and esteemed sports dancer Park Ji Woo coaxed Jay Park into performing in front of the masters. At first, the rapper-dancer hesitated but eventually, he gave in and went up the stage.

Jay Park showed off his playful side and pretended to be a contestant, even answering questions about himself.

The moment Jay Park started dancing, his dance experience of 20 years was easily seen. He showed off his street dance and b-boy skills which got the masters going crazy and cheering. There was great anticipation whether which team would turn the master key first. The Red Wings team managed to turn the key first and got Jay Park to join their team.

Although he was picked by Red Wings, Jay Park will continue as master at Blue Eye as everything was done for fun.

Through the pretend “audition,” Jay Park was able to show how deserving he is to be among the dance masters in the show.

 Jay Park Dancing 9