MBLAQ’s G.O Wins Best Male Rookie Actor Award

G.O of MBLAQ is recognized for his theatrical acting chops as he wins the “Best Male Rookie Actor Award” at the 8th The Musical Awards held on June 2.

G.O won the award for his role as the rebellious yet warm-hearted “Dong Ho” in the musical “Seopyeonje.”

The singer-turned-musical actor expressed his gratitude through his personal Twitter account wherein he uploaded a collage of his photos from the musical.


His Twitter post mentioned, “I won the Best Male Rookie Actor Award at the 2014 The Musical Awards. I do not know what to do because I was given this big award that I could not have achieved by my self. I am sincerely grateful to the director, my seniors, staff, and everyone working in our musical as well as the reporters!”

G.O is the second idol-turned-musical actor next to Kim Junsu to receive the award at The Musical Awards.