CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and miss A’s Suzy Talk About Their Dodgers Baseball Experience in LA

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa miss A’s Suzy and have shared about how they felt making an appearance at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Jung Yong Hwa sang the Korean National Anthem on May 27 for “Korea Night,” while Suzy threw the ceremonial first pitch before the Dodgers-Pirates game on May 29.

On the June 1 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” Jung Yong Hwa was shown singing the national anthem to the crowd and Suzy was shown pitching the first ball at LA Dodger Stadium.

Upon Jung Yong Hwa’s arrival at the stadium, he stated, “It’s amazing. This is a place I’ve only seen on TV, but seeing it in person is even more exciting,” and also revealed his anxiety during the sound check.

The singer gathered his courage and walked onto the field after saying, “I will do well with no mistakes and a dedicated heart.” Jung Yong Hwa couldn’t hide his nervousness even after finishing the anthem explaining, “I’m too shaken to say anything.” However, he didn’t let his anxiety show through, as he successfully sang the national anthem and received loud applause from the audience.

Jung Yong Hwa finally calmed down to comment on his performance, “One minute ago, I could hear my heart beating all the way to my ears. I was shaking a lot but I think I sang well,” causing laughter.
jung yong hwa section tvAdditionally, Suzy shared her feelings about throwing the first pitch as well. She stated, “I’m worried that I’ll throw a ground ball while warming up. Glass ball, please be nice to me,” as she laughed. Also, in a brief interview with the local media in LA, she jokingly answered “No. Nothing!” when asked if Ryu Hyun Jin gave her tips for her first pitch.

Suzy ended up throwing a good first pitch, as the ball was successfully caught by Ryu Hyun Jin. She showed her excitement after throwing the ball by doing a cute celebratory dance and shared that she was glad to be able to throw as well as she did during practice. 
suzy section tvCheck out the video clip of their Dodgers experience below!