U-KISS Members Sing the Praises of New Member, Jun, at Album Showcase Event

Boy band U-KISS has begun promotions in earnest with its newest member, Jun. The group’s latest release, “Mono Scandal,” is their first since Jun joined.

The group attended a showcase for the new album on June 2 in the Mapo-gu district of Seoul. Jun took the opportunity to explain how positive he has felt since becoming a member of the group. “It is all so wonderful,” he said. “I was so nervous I couldn’t even sleep last night, but now I just feel happy.”

The other members of the group were also full of praise for their newest member. Hoon explained, “Jun is the youngest among us, but he has such a great personality. You might expect that when you come across a very talented person, they might be quite picky and difficult to deal with in many respects. But he is exceptional in that regard. If he continues with this kind of attitude, we will form a very deep bond with him immediately.”

Soohyun was also keen to praise Jun. He said, “The rest of us hoped the new member would be both talented and polite. We knew from the moment we saw his audition video that Jun was the right one. We all agreed right away.”