Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu Reportedly Dating

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu is reportedly dating.

On June 3, Korean media reported that Sangchu has been dating a dentist one year his senior for about one or two years.

An official said, “We are aware that Sangchu has a girlfriend. From what we know, they have been dating since before Sangchu enlisted in the military.”

Previously, on May 31, Sangchu posted on his public SNS account about the massage parlor incident he was caught up in with Se7en last year, in which they were found guilty of visiting an adult massage parlor while on military leave. He said that there were no illegal activities involved. “I can no longer just stand by watching my loving parents, my brother, and the person I’m to spend my future with act like they’re guilty of some crime, walking around with their heads down.”

Sangchu continued, “Rumors are something celebrities are always concerned about and careful of, and we are not so bold or reckless to be in that kind of a place doing questionable activities with people we don’t even know.”

Sangchu will be finishing his military service in August of this year.

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