FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki to Launch His Very Own Brand, “Skull Hong”

Lee Hong Ki of FTISLAND will be launching his own brand named “Skull Hong.”
lee hong ki skull hong

On June 3, Hong Ki posted on his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts, “#skullhong Really not much time left. It will be launching,” along with a picture showing his ‘creative director’ side. “Skull Hong” is named after the singer himself, as Hongki is known to have a great love for skulls. It is also his nickname, as well as his username for his SNS accounts.

Last year, Lee Hong Ki wrote and published a book on nail art in his own name, titled “Lee Hong Ki Nail Book.” Through this book, he got his name out there as a bestselling author. With this upcoming brand launching, the singer is expected to continue his path as a representative fashionista of the entertainment industry.

He has always been known to directly make his personal accessories and stage props, and has been recognized for being a good designer. As the creative director of the new brand “Skull Hong,” Hong Ki has actively participated in every stage of the entire process—from the designing phase to production, to even deciding the materials and colors. He has made sure to take charge and display his own individual style.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND will be holding their Arena Live Concert Tour “The Passion” in Japan starting on June 3.