Wheesung and Rapper LOCO Backs Up Singer ALi in Latest Single

Music fans are highly anticipating the comeback of singer ALi as Wheesung and rapper LOCO are reported to have worked together with her on her comeback track “What is LUV” set for release on June 5.

In this single, Wheesung, who has recently made his comeback with the song, “Night and Day,” pens the lyrics of the song and LOCO, who worked with ALi in the Mnet show, “Show Me the Money,” is featured as a rapper. This is also the first time ALi will take on a producer’s role for the album.

As the title suggests, ALi, whose vocals are overflowing with emotion, will question things about love in the songs off her upcoming single, “What is LUV.” She will also show off another side of her musical color as she dabbles with reggae and hip-hop for the track.