Boyfriend Holds Japan Concert for 10,000 Fans Ahead of “Obsession” Comeback

Boyfriend has successfully wrapped up a solo concert in Japan ahead of their upcoming comeback!

On Boyfriend’s official Twitter on June 2, a message saying, “Boyfriend’s Japan concert has finished well thanks to our supportive fans! We sincerely thank all the Best Friend fans that came~ We will show a great stage soon in Korea as well!!!” was posted, along with a group proof shot with all the fans who attended the concert.

On May 28, Boyfriend released a Japan single, “Start Up! Following the release, the group held their solo concert on May 31 and June 1 for the first time in nearly a year, for more than 10,000 fans. The members were able to showcase their own compositions through solo stages during this concert. Donghyun sang an emotional love song titled “Give Me the Light,” while Jungmin played the piano and also sang a song he wrote, earning great responses from fans.

Last August, the group released their very first Japan single “Be My Shine,” which rose to first place on the Oricon chart. In March of this year, they released another single album called, “My Avatar,” which was also well received, achieving success through their promotions in Japan. Additionally, Boyfriend became the first Korean singers to have a fan meeting in Puerto Rico this past March, and held their very own showcase in Chicago and Dallas in the US, all in the same month.

Boyfriend is preparing to make their comeback in Korea after one year and five months with their second mini album. The group’s agency, Starship Entertainment, revealed the teaser video and photo shoot for the title song “Obsession” ahead of the comeback date. They will be having their first comeback stage on the June 5 broadcast of Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” and will unveil the entire album on June 9.

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