The Jung Sisters are Cry Babies in First Episode of

The first episode of Jessica & Krystal aired on June 3 packed a punch and had the Jung sisters crying buckets of tears.

In this episode, we see the soft side of the otherwise perceived cold-hearted sisters, Jessica of Girls’ Generation and Krystal of f(x).

In one scene, Krystal cried at the thought of her sister Jessica getting married in the future.

Jessica & Krystal

The producer asked Krystal, “What will you do if Jessica gets married?” and Krystal replied, “I don’t think that’s possible,” and then she started shedding tears.

In the end, Krystal hid her face behind the cushion and Jessica, who was then sitting beside her, held up the cushion to her face and started crying as well.

Krystal then fixed herself and teased Jessica saying, “Don’t get married,” to which Jessica replied, “You do the same. Let’s continue to live as old maids,” ensuing laughter between the two.

In another scene, Jessica cried because she was touched by the thoughtfulness of her younger sister, Krystal.

Jessica & Krystal

Krystal prepared a surprise birthday party for Jessica when they arrived in LA. Together with the help of the producers, Krystal went out of the hotel room without Jessica knowing and brought with her a cake when she got back.

With the candles on the cake lit, Krystal held the cake in front of Jessica who turned red and was moved to tears because of the unexpected gift from her sister.

After, once the producers were gone, Jessica was suddenly brought to tears again and Krystal followed.

The sisterly love between these two is really moving. See more of the Jung sisters in their first reality program, “Jessica & Krystal* which airs every Tuesday, 11:05 p.m. at On Style.

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