Chinese Fans Build Libraries in Lee Min Ho’s Name

A series of “Lee Min Ho Library” will be built in China.

A representative from Lee Min Ho‘s agency announced on June 3, “members of Lee Min Ho’s Chinese fan club Minoz China are carrying out a campaign to build libraries in the actor’s name.”

The fan club members are planning on building multiple libraries for areas in China that are suffering from poverty and a poor education infrastructure.

The fans have already participated in other campaigns, building a library in Inner Mongolia in 2013. They will officially be expanding this project, building libraries in two different schools, one in Qinhai and one in Sichuan.

In response to his fans’ dedication, Lee Min Ho has said, “It’s really touching to see the genuine activities of my fans; it means a lot to me.”

Currently, Lee Min Ho is working on director Yu Ha‘s next feature film, “Gangnam Blues.”