PSY Releases Teaser Image Ahead of “Hangover” Release

Singer PSY has posted a teaser image as the release date of his new single, “Hangover,” draws ever closer. The image was posted to PSY’s official Twitter page and features a cartoon image of both the Korean singer and American rap artist Snoop Dogg, who will be collaborating with PSY on the song. Both are portrayed wearing sunglasses, and only the top halves of their faces are visible.


The full tweet contains only a link to the picture, the hashtag “#HANGOVER” and “D-4”, a reference to the fact that there are now only four days to go before the single is released.

YG Entertainment, the talent agency which represents PSY, has already confirmed that PSY and Snoop Dogg will appear on an American talk show where the video for “Hangover” will be screened for the first time anywhere on June 8, the day before the much-awaited new song becomes available for purchase. 

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