Fly to the Sky Drops “Years Apart” MV for Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Hee’s Movie

Male R&B duo Fly to the Sky collaborates with the production behind the film “No Tears for the Dead” featuring stars Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Hee.

The collaborative music video, titled “Years Apart,” was released two days after the movie hit theaters. “No Tears for the Dead” is already drawing a large crowd, having momentarily topped the ticket sales chart and critics are foreshadowing a box office hit. The collaboration is noted as a smart move since Fly to the Sky is currently enjoying great success on the music charts as well.

Member Hwanhee took part in writing the lyrics for “Years Apart.” The song matches the childhood experience of Jang Dong Gun’s character in the film, where he was hurt from being left behind at a desert. The movie is a love story between the killer (Jang Dong Gun) and his next target (Kim Min Hee).

Meanwhile, Fly to the Sky will be holding a special concert celebrating their comeback at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul on from June 6 to 8, and will hit other cities (Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, etc.) in July.