New Stills of Infinite’s Sungyeol for “High School: On Love” Released

New stills of Infinite‘s Sungyeol have been released for the upcoming drama “High School: Love On.

On June 5, still cuts of Sungyeol have been released, further giving a glimpse of the different sides to his character in the new drama. Sungyeol’s character Hwang Sung Yeol is a cold and selfish character who excels in everything. However, when he meets Lee Seul Bi (played by Kim Sae Ron), he turns into a friendly and warm guy. He is best friends with Shin Woo Hyun (played by Nam Woo Hyun) but falls into conflict when he learns that Shin Woo Hyun’s mother will become his new stepmother. Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun will also enter a love triangle with Seul Bi as well.

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Sungyeol commented, “I usually talk really fast but my character is very calm and cold. He speaks very slowly too. So I had to get rid of some of my facial expressions and my laughter.”

“He is a cold and stony person on the outside but that comes from him wanting to seem strong because of his scars inside. I feel somewhat bad for him but my heart also goes out to him. So I want to play this character even better,” he added.

Sungyeol is said to be a bright ball of energy on set of the drama, joking around and creating a lively atmosphere.

After his first shoot, Sungyeol commented, “I’m so excited to be having this new experience as an actor and not a singer. I hope I can learn a lot of things through this drama. Everyone that I’m working with are so energetic and they fit their characters so well that I was able to really become Hwang Sung Yeol and have a lot of fun while filming.”

A production staff member commented, “Lee Sungyeol is perfect for Hwang Sung Yeol. Seeing Sung Yeol really get into his acting shows how much he cares about his character. Please look forward to Sung Yeol’s acting, especially the his lonely and rebellious scenes.”

“High School: On Love” will air its pilot episode on June 27.

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