Cube Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against Distributor of HyunA’s Photoshopped Nude Photo

4minute’s HyunA is the latest celebrity to fall victim to cyber bullying.

On June 5, Cube Entertainment shared, “We’ve requested a police investigation. We will confront this head on.” The agency later revealed to TVReport, “We saw the photo a couple days ago. Whoever sees this will know that it’s been photoshopped. We’re upset that these things keep happening. We reported it to the police today. We will capture the distributor [of the photo] by all means.”

The photo of HyunA’s face photoshopped onto a female wearing lingerie and exposed body parts is quickly spreading through cyberspace.

The agency continued, “We will punish those who photoshopped HyunA’s face and distributed the photo. We will confront this so that the person will be held responsible and this situation won’t arise again.”

Meanwhile, 4minute set a record as the first K-Pop girl group to hold a solo concert in Spain and Sweden.