BoA’s Mom Reveals Her Daughter Was Bullied, Excelled at Studies

Singer BoA’s mother, Sung Young Ja, recently made a TV appearance and shared stories from BoA’s childhood. 

On the latest episode of SBS’s “Good Morning” that aired on June 5, BoA’s mother made a special guest appearance as the mother of a successful child. She was accompanied by BoA’s older brother, Kwon Soon Hweon. 

She shared about BoA’s bright start in middle school saying, “During the 6th grade, BoA placed first in her entire school and was also a scholarship recipient. Although BoA was certainly bright enough to be placed in a class of gifted students, her dreams of becoming a singer conflicted with her studies. 

She added, “I wanted BoA to become a professor. She would always round up the younger kids and be great at teaching them something. I told her to become a professor since she excelled in her studies and she was bright. However, BoA loved singing and said this was something she really wanted to do. So she began practicing as a trainee while attending school. Her album came out while she was still in school.” 

During her time as a trainee, BoA was also bullied by classmates. In particular, her mother recalled, “BoA grew out her hair when she was promoting her solo activities at a young age. One day, her older classmates dragged her into the bathroom and grabbed her hair while demanding, ‘Why are you growing out your hair?’ They were individuals who served the sunbaes.” 

BoA’s mother added that her daughter also eventually dropped out of school because it was difficult to focus both on her career and studies. In the same episode, BoA’s home was also revealed to viewers.