Jang Dong Gun Shows His Tortured Inner Killer for 1st Look Magazine

On June 5, Jang Dong Gun released his pictorial for 1stLook Magazine, showing off his sexy but dangerous charm. In the pictures, he stares ahead without much expression, only the light in his eyes conveying any emotion. He flaunts the intense masculine beauty that he displayed in his role as a killer—gazing off into the distance, his face somehow betrays the agony of a man who finds himself in a dilemma.

Jang Dong Gun played the role of a hitman for the first time in the recently released film, “No Tears for the Dead.” The movie has received rave reviews for its flashy gun play and also for the way it reveals the inner self of a man in a precarious position.

“No Tears for the Dead” drew 120,000 viewers on its opening day and is ranked first among this year’s adult-only films.

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