E-Sens Is Angry Over Being Suspected of Hacking His Own Twitter Account

Hip-hop musician E-Sens (real name: Kang Min Ho) is angered over being accused of hacking his own SNS account.

In the afternoon on June 5, E-Sens went to Twitter and explained the situation that he suffered by tweeting “Is this possible? Today all I did was sleep and then wake up, so I haven’t used my Twitter application until now. It seems like the people around me hacked me through texts, so I went to go to my account, but I couldn’t access it through my phone.”

E-Sens revealed “I even changed my password. It appears that someone did this through a computer connected [to my phone], but that person didn’t even find my password.”

He added “Though I ended up pushing some buttons through my pocket, I didn’t write my whole password, so it appears that someone hacked the account. What’s real? I’m sad.”

E-Sens showed his anger about being suspected of hacking his own account by writing “What would I have to gain by hacking my own account? Nothing, that’s what.”