Secret’s Hyosung Says She’s Ready to Take Criticism for Antagonist Role in New Drama “My Dear Cat”

Hyosung of Secret has revealed her thoughts on taking on the role of an antagonist in an upcoming drama.

On June 5, a press conference was held at a cafe in Yeouido, Seoul for KBS1’s new daily drama, “My Dear Cat.”

Hyosung will be acting as the role of Han Suri, a magazine photographer and colleague of Yang Soon (played by Choi Yoon Young). Suri is a character who has a bit of a ‘princess disease,’ as she was spoiled growing up. Her pride is always hurt due to the fact that she is always being compared to Yang Soon.

During the press conference, Hyosung stated, “Suri is an antagonist, but she also has a quirky side and can be a bit careless. I may receive criticism for taking the role of a cute antagonist, but I’m prepared for the criticism. This is my second official drama, so I am learning a lot from my seniors and the director as I film.”

“My Dear Cat” is a story about a man and a woman who happen to meet after losing their cats. During the process of searching for their cats, they learn of secrets within their families, as well as the truth they had not been aware of. The first episode of “My Dear Cat” will be airing on June 9 at 8:25 PM (KST) on KBS.