Wheesung Reveals “I Don’t Want to Know” MV Featuring Scenes from Cha Seung Won’s “Man on High Heels”

Wheesung has collaborated with the film “Man on High Heels” for the music video of his touching ballad “I Don’t Want to Know.”

After returning to the scene with his third mini album “The Best Man,” Wheesung has been performing well on the charts with his title track “Day and Night.” Now, he has teamed up with one of this year’s most anticipated movies for a thrilling music video.

The music video for his song “I Don’t Want to Know” was released on June 5. Wheesung’s emotion-packed voice and the dramatic scenes from the movie are a perfect match, and the video certainly raises the expectations for the film starring actor Cha Seung Won and Oh Jung Se

“Man on High Heels” premiered on June 3 and is currently being screened in theaters across Korea.