Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura Have Their First Meeting on “We Got Married”

Just last week, it was announced that model and actor Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day member Yura would be joining “We Got Married” as a new ‘married’ couple, following the exit of the Jung-Jung couple. Recently, the two of them had their very first meeting for the show.

Model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, who is famous for being a chic and self-contained person, has met his match on MBC’s variety program “We Got Married – Season 4” with Girl’s Day’s Yura, who is cheerful and full of aegyo.

The two stars arrived to their first filming without knowing that they would actually be meeting one another. Thinking that he would only be doing a pre-interview, Hong Jong Hyun was surprised to receive a mission card telling him to search all around the MBC building in order to receive hints about his new wife-to-be.

Meanwhile, Yura received a mission card while she was in a waiting room with the rest of the Girl’s Day members who teased her for being unusually shy and acting unlike her normal self.

After searching far and wide, Hong Jong Hyun arrived in front of Girl’s Day’s waiting room. He said that he knew right away, as soon as the door opened, that Yura was his wife. The very different Hong Jong Hyun-Yura couple’s first meeting will be revealed on June 7 at 5 PM (KST) on MBC.
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