Chu Sarang Poses With Swagger in Daddy’s Shoes

Adorable Chu Sarang is back to charming her fans with her cute antics!

On June 5, a photo of Chu Sarang was posted on her official Facebook page. In the photo, Chu Sarang strikes a cute pose while wearing a pair of shoes that are ten times too large for her toddler feet. It was later revealed that the shoes belonged to her father Chu Sung Hoon. She is also seen wearing a flower-patterned bucket hat. 

Chu Sarang’s claim to fame was her adorable personality as shown on the KBS 2TV variety show, “Superman Returns.” From Girls’ Generation to Rain, Chu Sarang has a strong following of adoring fans. 

The beloved toddler also went on a date with her boyfriend Yuto in the last episode of “Superman Returns.” You can view the stills here