SHINee’s Key and Yagi Arisa Spend an Awkward First Night on Their Honeymoon

The June 7 broadcast of MBC Every1’s variety program “We Got Married Global Edition” will be showing SHINee’s Key and his virtual wife Yagi Arisa on their honeymoon trip in Macau, as they spend an awkward first night together. The couple, usually known for displaying a lot of embarrassment, tried to avoid creating an awkward atmosphere by playing a ‘word chain’ game.

Key and Yagi Arisa decided that the punishment for the game would be being forced to try and seduce the other person for a total of 15 seconds. Although Yagi Arisa was the first one to lose the game, she was too embarrassed to go through with the penalty and made funny facial expressions at Key instead, making him laugh.

Key was the next one to lose, so he stared intensely at Yagi Arisa, causing her to blush until finally pushing his face away.

During his personal interview, Key shared, “We laughed and jokingly let it pass, but I think Yagi Arisa has already fallen for me,” causing laughter.
key yagi arisa