Labor Union Strike Ends with the Dismissal of KBS President Gil Hwan Young

The KBS labor union strike has come to an end, and the announcers and various program producers have returned to work. 

According to a KBS official on June 6, “With the end of the strike at 5 AM this morning, the announcers and producers have all returned to work. The news team, which was affected the most, has also returned to productions.”

The strike had gone on since May 29, with the labor union speaking up against president Gil Hwan Young for reportedly succumbing to presidential office pressure to produce news favorable to the current government. Such allegations against Gil Hwan Young gained more traction over KBS’s coverage of April’s Sewol ferry tragedy. 

This past June 5, after a board meeting, the dismissal of president Gil Hwan Young was agreed upon, effectively ending the strike.