U-KISS’ Kevin Apologizes to Fans for Mature Concept in “Quit Playing”

U-KISSKevin recently took to Twitter to reflect on the group newest comeback, “Quit Playing.”

In his heart-to-heart with fans, Kevin mentioned difficulties of U-KISS’ new concept, writing, “I want to share my heart with everyone because I care about you and I want to be honest with all of you. As you know, I’m part of a group and sometimes being a part of a group and working in the entertainment industry means I don’t always have full creative freedom to do things how I wish.”


Referencing U-KISS’ music video, which is rated +19, Kevin states that the  risque scenes of members interacting with female dancers is something that he does not personally believe in. Although the mature concept shows a new side to U-KISS, it has attracted both positive and negative attention. The original choreography has been banned on various music shows

“This inner conflict that I deal with as a K-Pop artist and group member applies to this situation. I personally do not believe in the behavior portrayed in our music video ‘Quit Playing’, and the characters we had to portray in this music video were not the characters I chose. I would like to apologize to our fans and viewers who might have been offended by the material in the music video and choreography. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart about this situation,” Kevin wrote.

What do you think of U-KISS’ “Quit Playing”?