Kara’s Gyuri Sleeps at an Airport and Bares Her No Makeup Face

Footage of Kara’s Gyuri sleeping in public has been revealed.

On June 5, a highlight reel from the World Cup special of SBS’ variety program “SNS Expedition: UP for Now,” was posted onto the show’s SNS account.

In the video, KARA’s Gyuri was filmed without any makeup on her face, as she slept on a bench with a blanket over her body, in the middle of an airport.

The cast of “SNS Expedition” left for Brazil for filming. However, Gyuri and actor Oh Man Suk decided to go on an unscheduled trip to Iguazu, Argentina. The two of them jumped on a plane in order to see the famous Iguazu Falls, but when they arrived at the airport, public transport services had already come to an end. It was difficult to find a place to stay for the night so they ultimately decided to spend the night at the Iguazu airport.

It wasn’t an easy task for Oh Man Suk to wash up in the airport bathroom and sleep in a public place, especially in an unfamiliar land with unstable security. However, Gyuri seemed calm and unconcerned about their situation, saying, “I can sleep here,” and displaying her open-mindedness.

Oh Man Suk apologized to the KARA leader, “Sorry for making an idol sleep at an airport,” to which Gyuri responded, “It’s okay. Don’t say that,” trying to lighten his guilt.

Tune in to “SNS Expedition: UP for Now,” which will be airing on June 9 at 8:55 PM (KST) on SBS.
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