VIXX Shows Support for Fly to the Sky’s Comeback Concert

VIXX sent a message of support for their seniors in the music industry, Fly to the Sky, for their upcoming comeback concert.

On June 6, VIXX’s N posted words of encouragement, along with a group picture, on his personal Twitter, “Today is the first day of Fly to the Sky’s concert!! We are cheering on our seniors to have a great show! VIXX is also busy with practice for ‘Dream Concert’ and fan signing events, but we are gaining strength from our Starlights’ support..Fighting!! Have a good day, everyone!”

fly to the sky vixx

In the picture, VIXX can be seen huddled around Brian and Hwanhee, posing closely together in a heartwarming group shot. The members of the idol group usually known for their charismatic stage presence show off their cute side with smiles and peace signs.

Meanwhile, Fly to the Sky will be holding their first special comeback concert in five years, “Continuum: The Return,” at the Seoul Blue Square Samsung Concert Hall from June 6-8. Also, VIXX will be opening up their very first solo concert “VIXX Live Fantasia-Hex Sign at Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall from July 19-20.