EXO’s Chanyeol and Shin Sung Woo Have A Brotherly Moment on “Roommate”

Members of SBS’ “Roommate” Shin Sung Woo and Chanyeol (EXO) had a brotherly moment sharing music with each other.

Chanyeol first showed Shin Sung Woo a song he created and talked about how it is hard to come up with good melodies. Shin Sung Woo then helped his young friend by making up melodies and lyrics to match Chanyeol’s song.

Shin Sung Woo really looked like he was trying to understand Chanyeol’s concern and Chanyeol said, “I think I’m getting more mature as a singer by writings lyrics and sharing music stories together.”

“Roommate” was created to show how different people with different personalities can live together under one single roof, especially when they are so used to living by themselves. 

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