MBLAQ Mir’s Older Sister Go Eun Ah Got Rid of All His Girlfriends?

Actress Go Eun Ah recently appeared as a guest on the June 6 broadcast of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” and briefly talked about her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Mir, and how she influences his relationships.

During the broadcast, MC Shin Dong Yup mentioned that he became close with Mir after filming a show together (Beatles Code) and said, “Whenever Mir gets a girlfriend, he said that he goes to his older sister and shows her.”

The actress confirmed this statement by explaining, “It’s because my younger brother seems like he would easily get taken advantage of. If he meets a ‘bad kind’ of girl, I feel like he would get used. That’s why I got rid of a lot of them behind his back and even got caught while doing so.”

Go Eun Ah’s answer caused a lot of curiosity as to how she got rid of the girls, and the MCs began acting out the many possible methods she may have used, creating laughter on the set. 
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