MBLAQ’s Seungho Confesses He Fainted While Dieting

MBLAQ member Seungho shared an after-effect of a fasting diet.

During a recent recording of tvN’s “Cool Kkadang,” Seungho stated that he once fainted while doing a fasting diet.

The MBLAQ leader warned against recklessly starting a fasting diet or starving, by sharing the serious, harmful side effects based on his own experience.

He confessed, “In 2012, just before releasing ‘It’s War,’ I was called ‘shaved pig’ because I had gained 13 kilograms (~28 pounds) since debuting. In a hurry, I starved myself and even ended up fainting. The impact of celebrities talking about fasting diets is so big that adolescents and young women thoughtlessly follow it. We should prohibit celebrities from saying ‘I lost weight by starving,’ on broadcast.”

The episode of “Cool Kkadang” featuring Seungho will air on June 8 at 9:10 PM (KST) on tvN. 

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