“Infinity Challenge” Reveals Final Member Lineup for 2014 World Cup Cheerleading Squad

The final members of the 2014 Brazil World Cup Cheerleading Squad for MBC’s variety show “Infinity Challenge” have been unveiled.

At the end of the June 7 broadcast of “Infinity Challenge,” a short preview video clip of the cheerleading special for the upcoming June 14 episode was aired.

The brief preview is drawing attention from viewers, as it shows other members that had not yet been revealed through broadcast. Aside from the previously confirmed members, actor Jung Il Woo and B1A4’s Baro, actress Son Ye Jin, After School’s Lizzy, and comedian Ji Sang Ryul were also shown.
infinity challenge

Meanwhile, the cast and members of the “Infinity Challenge” cheerleading squad are scheduled to depart for Brazil during the middle of this month, in order to show support for the 2014 World Cup, which will be opening on June 13.

Check out the preview clip below!