ToppDogg’s New Mini Album Leaked, Agency to Take Legal Action

The new mini album of male group ToppDogg has been leaked.

Their agency revealed on June 8, “All of the tracks belonging to ToppDogg’s mini album set to be released on June 9 have been leaked through YouTube and other media sharing sites.”

According to the representatives, the files were uploaded on YouTube and other sites in the evening of June 7. In addition to the title track “Top Dog,” the other four tracks of the group’s mini album “AmadeuS” were leaked. Immediately after the incident, the agency took rapid action to prevent any additional harm, and the songs were successfully changed from public to private.

“Illegal leaking is not right towards the artists and the agency, who have put their best effort into the work, and must thus be stopped. By working together with the officials, we will try to prevent the recurrence of such cases. We will also take legal action against the leaker and distributor by asking for compensations, and making them take responsibility for their acts,” the agency continued.

ToppDogg will release their new mini album on June 9, and their comeback stage will take place on “M!Countdown” on June 12.