Tahiti Release First Video Teaser for “Oppa Is Mine” Featuring New Member

Girl group Tahiti has released the first video teaser for their upcoming third single, “Oppa Is Mine“! 

The teaser was uploaded on Dream Star Entertainment‘s YouTube channel on June 9. This marks Tahiti’s start with a new member after Jung Bin left the group due to health issues.

In the teaser, a mysterious man dressed in a sharp suit seems to be deeply immersed in his thoughts. After restlessly walking around the room, he grabs one of the business cards floating around in the air and shows it to the camera with confidence. The business card says “Oppa is mine,” which happens to be the title of Tahiti’s new song.

Although the video features only a short sample of the song, the girls’ strong voices and the smooth melody hint at a powerful comeback. 

Stay tuned for the single release on June 12!