BTS’ Appearance in Japanese Show Garners Much Attention

BTS is receiving a lot of love in Japan right now.

At least 4,000 comments were posted by BTS fans on the website of the Japanese show Nico Nico Live Program following a special guesting of group BTS to commemorate their debut in the country.

On a report by Oricon Style on June 7, it was said that the group received a warm welcome from fans in Japan on their debut. “BTS, who has made their debut on June 4 with ‘NO MORE DREAM,’ received warm response for their appearance at the Nico Nico Live Program on June 6.”

A total of 18,000 fans watched the program and at least 4,000 comments were left on the page. There were also at least 46,000 comments posted to cheer on the group on their official debut showcase.

Nico Nico Live Program is a live video service site in Japan wherein fans’ comments can be seen in real time.

Meanwhile, BTS will participate in the “Moscow Korean Culture and Tourism Event” as the only Korean artist invited in the event organized by the Russian Tourism and Korean Tourism Organization. The group will also perform at the KCON 2014 happening in LA on August 9-10.