Celebrities Warn About Posers on SNS

Various celebrities have made public announcements regarding their official SNS accounts recently to warn their fans about posers on various social networking sites such as Instagram.

Both Lee Hyori and Suzy have recently made announcements on their personal Twitter accounts saying that they have no Instagram account.

Ha Ha also tweeted, “I don’t do Instagram nor Facebook. I heard there’s somebody posing as me, please stop…You’ve hurt a lot of people around me. I will make my own account soon and I’ll let everyone know by then. To all those people who are impersonating me online, please take down your accounts. Thanks.”

Child actress Kim So Hyun also made some clarifications regarding her SNS accounts. “I have made my Instagram account. I will upload photo updates from the filming site on Instagram. My ID is wow_kimsohyun. The ID hellokimsohyun is not mine.”

While some artists have taken the initiative to clarify information regarding their official accounts, it would also be recommended for fans to carefully assess whether the artist’s SNS that they’re following is official or not.