Various Idols Compete on Second Season of “Dancing 9” as Candidates

The upcoming second season of Mnet‘s dance audition program “Dancing 9” is garnering attention for its idol candidates.

Numerous idol stars have applied to the program as dancers to prove their skills as a participant. Some idols already reported to appear as participants include Ato from rookie boy group K-Much, Daeil from 24K, Zinni from GLAM, and Nari from Wassup. They applied in their specialty dance areas such as k-pop dance and b-boying. In the official photos released by “Dancing 9″‘s Facebook photos, they are seen showing off their dance abilities.

“Dancing 9″‘s season two will start airing on June 13. Jay Park, Ha Hwee Dong, and Kim Suro will be joining the show as new “masters” (judges) of the audition program.

 Dancing9 Candidates