Rock Band Cherry Filter Releases Hypnotizing Video Teaser for “Andromeda”

Veteran rock band Cherry Filter has released a teaser video for their upcoming title track “Andromeda“. 

The bit of their new single “Andromeda” as can be heard in the teaser video seems to continue the rock band’s signature pop rock sound with a fun twist, as the lead vocalist Yoojeen and drummer Sonstar repeat “Earthlings, don’t fear us!”. The videos depicts the four-member rock band against hypnotizing graphics and vibrant colors. 

“Andromeda” marks the group’s comeback after four years, as their last release was in 2010 with “Showtime“. Since then, they have only made occasional television appearances on shows like “Immortal Song 2” and “Top Band“.

Cherry Filter’s new single album will also include tracks “Rain Shower” and “Umbrella“. The music video and the single will be released on June 11. 

Check out the teaser below!