CL Promotes PSY and Snoop Dogg’s “Hangover”

CL, PSY, and Snoop Dogg recently shared a photo from the set of the music video shoot for PSY’s “Hangover.” 

Shortly after shooting her scene in PSY’s music video, CL took a photos with PSY and Snoop Dogg. That same photo was revealed on June 9, on CL’s Instagram account with the caption, “Snoop Dogg, PSY, ‘Hangover’ video izzz out!” 

In the photo, CL can be seen wearing a fur coat and sunglasses. PSY is seen wearing the same outfit as Bruce Lee’s in the martial arts flick, “Enter the Dragon.” All three celebrities can be seen striking a comical martial arts pose for the camera. 

On that day, PSY released the music video for “Hangover” at 8PM. The appearance of CL in PSY’s music video especially drew interest among fans and brought laughter from viewers. Check it out here