Boyfriend Shows New Image in Upcoming Album, Wishes to Win a Trophy

The charming young men of Boyfriend have returned with a new and more mature concept, and they are more determined to succeed than ever.

On June 9, the group held their comeback showcase for their second mini album “Obsession,” and revealed their thoughts on meeting their domestic fans after a long break. This marks the beginning of Boyfriend’s first activities in Korea after spending a year and five months touring around the world.

Regarding their new mini album, the boys commented, “We have prepared our second mini album for a long time, and even recorded it multiple times, and the choreography has been constantly adjusted. For the concept of our title track ‘Obsession,’ we immersed ourselves in the role of a man that only looks at one woman.”

“While pursuing overseas activities, we made sure to watch Korean television, and seeing groups that debuted at the same time win on music shows made us perfect our album and work harder,” the members revealed their strong work ethic.

“Although Boyfriend’s cute and lovable image was strong in the past, we want to show that our image is not limited to just one genre, and wanted to show a more mature side of us through this album. Our goal is to win a trophy,” they continued.

As labelmates SISTAR, K.Will, and Junggigo have been very successful over the past year, Boyfriend admitted that they have felt the pressure. “It was nice to see fellow artists succeed, but it made us feel pressured. There are five groups under our agency, and we want to become the thumb of the five fingers.”

Boyfriend is currently promoting their title track “Obsession” on music shows.