BEAST Tops Charts with Ballad “No More”

BEAST recently released their new song “No More,” and within ten hours of its release, it hit the number one spot on 10 different music charts, including Melon, Mnet, Naver Music, Daum Music, etc.

This is an impressive feat for a ballad from a boy group, as there is often a preconception on the type of music boy groups create and an almost fixed focus on the visual aspect of performances.

However, BEAST has continued to break this preconception from 2011. Their 2011 hit “On Rainy Days” sat at the number one spot at the time, as well. While the group’s dance song “Fiction” was also hugely popular, “On Rainy Days” actually performed better on the charts.

BEAST’s new dance title track “Good Luck” will be revealed on June 16, for which it has been said that the group is preparing their hardest dance choreography yet. 

Watch the music video for “No More” here!