“Dancing 9” Lee Min Woo and Jay Park Explain What They Think of Each Other As Dancers

Lee Min Woo and Jay Park, both dancing masters on Mnet’s “Dancing 9” for the Red Wings and Blue Eye, respectively, recently revealed their criteria for picking contestants on the show at the press conference for season two of the show.

First, Lee Min Woo gave his opinion on Jay Park. He said, “I’ve been dancing for about 30 years, since I was five. If I didn’t dance, I wouldn’t be who I am now. Jay Park is originally a b-boy. He’s really skilled in that area, and I can see that he really enjoys and loves dance. From head to toe, he exudes an ease and comfort that stems from his break dancing background, and he’s a smart and talented dancer.”

He continued, explaining what he looks for in contestants: “When I see contestants perform, there are times when I get goosebumps. It’s not only sincerity, but when someone can dance freely and unrestricted that I always end up turning the key to choose them.”

Jay Park reciprocated with his criteria for contestants and his thoughts on his senior: “Rather than bringing good choreography, I look for people that really feel the music.” On his senior, he said, “Lee Min Woo was famous from before I was a singer. I used to watch him all the time on TV, and he’s been one of the best since back then.”

The second season of “Dancing 9” airs on June 13 at 11PM (KST).