Yoochun’s Blackmailer Is Sentenced to Prison

On June 10, “Ms. Kim” was sentenced to ten months in prison by the Seoul Central District Court for threatening famous idol and actor Yoochun with the release of his private photos and text messages unless he gave her money and goods worth *100,000,000 won (around 100,000 USD)

In his ruling, Judge Han Seong Su stated that “The victim paid the money under duress and when taking into account the considerable damage done to the artist and his agency, the nature of this crime is serious.” He explained that despite the fact that the money was returned to the victim immediately following Kim’s arrest, the cold-blooded way in which she proceeded with her scam was significant.

Kim allegedly obtained a cell phone containing the aforementioned photos and texts this past February after Yoochun’s ex-girlfriend lost it near a shopping mall in Seoul. The phone did not have a locking device, so she was able to discover the texts and pictures with ease.

Kim then called Yoochun’s agency and demanded *100,000,000 won in exchange for not releasing his sensitive personal information. Yoochun’s manager agreed to meet her the next day with the money, but reported the situation to the police immediately after hanging up. Officers were able to arrest Kim red-handed after observing her exchange with Yoochun’s manager the next day.

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