Upcoming Brazil Special of KBS “Music Bank” Extended to 110 Minutes

KBS‘s weekly music program “Music Bank” is making a grand return after a nine-week hiatus.

The upcoming broadcast of “Music Bank” on June 13 will be a Brazil Special to cheer on the Korean World Cup team.

A representative from KBS announced on June 10 that this upcoming episode of “Music Bank” will be 110 minutes long, which makes it 25 minutes longer than the usual broadcast duration of 85 minutes.

“Music Bank” is the last of the major weekly music shows to return after the Sewol Ferry incident. Following most of the programmings’ after the tragedy, the comeback of “Music Bank” was delayed indefinitely after the KBS labor strike as well. It is also the last in KBS’ programs to make a return. 

The episode will feature various artists who are currently in promotion.