“Roommate” Park Min Woo Reveals His Thoughts on His Personality and Best Assets

Actor Park Min Woo, who’s currently sharing a house with 10 other celebrities on SBS variety show “Roommate“, revealed his thoughts on his personality and how it is projected on the program.

Through his agency King Kong Entertainment‘s blog, he talked in more detail about his reality program “Roommate” and his charming points, among other things.

Through the interview, Park Min Woo expressed that his personality on the variety program is about 80% in sync with his actual personality off camera. He said, “Originally I like listening to people more than talking, but on the show I proactively approached people first,” adding, “but now everyone’s much more comfortable with each other and having a good time.”

He also talked about his charming points, as he was asked about his best assets. To this question, he answered, “I think people like the dimples that form when I smile. I personally think my best asset is my seriousness behind my bright personality.”

Park Min Woo is currently showing great chemistry with his housemates on the celebrity house-share program “Roommate.”