BEAST Releases Fourth Comeback Spoiler!

Popular boy group BEAST released their fourth comeback spoiler! 

BEAST’s agency Cube Entertainment released a 39 second teaser video on their official Youtube page to promote the six-member group’s impending comeback. 

In the video, when Junhyung is about to play a song on the piano, Doojoon comes in and stops him, telling him, “not yet.” However, as soon as Doojoon turns around, Junhyung jokingly attempts to play the song again. It seems like the song that Junhyung is about to play on the piano is BEAST’s upcoming title track. 

Previously in the third spoiler video, BEAST asked the fans the meaning of the sign “V”

BEAST will be releasing their sixth mini-album “Good Luck” on June 16. Their pre-release ballad track “No More” has topped various music charts already

Check out the fourth spoiler video below!