PSY: “I Can Never Surpass the Success of ‘Gangnam Style'”

World star PSY, who continues to make waves after gaining the world’s attention with “Gangnam Style,” has confessed that reaching sky-high digits with his new songs will be highly unlikely.

During a recent interview with Billboard, the singer said, “I will never be able to surpass the popularity of that song. How do you surpass a song that has been viewed two billion times?” and continued, “That is why I decided to go for something fresh this time around.”

“I was writing lyrics for a hip hop track one day, when one word popped into my mind. I was drunk, and I thought of the word ‘hangover,'” he revealed the source of inspiration for his latest song, and added, “I immediately recorded it, and the chorus made me think of Snoop Dogg, because I know he tends to be intoxicated every day.”

“I gave Snoop Dogg a call and asked him to feature on the track. When he asked me what the title is, I replied ‘Hangover,’ and he said, ‘I’m drunk right now.’ That is how we ended up meeting,” PSY shared.

“I am a heavy drinker. Honestly, I am drunk for around six months every year,” the artist revealed when asked about his reason for choosing drinking and partying as the inspiration for many of his songs.

PSY made his comeback with “Hangover” on June 8, and the music video has already been viewed over 30 million times on YouTube.