T.O.P Talks about the “Truth and Lies” Between His Different Personas in Hashtag Interview

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P shared his innermost thoughts about himself through #Hashtag, an interview show that was uploaded on the 1theK YouTube channel on June 10.

In the show #Hashtag, the artists pick keywords about themselves and for this episode, T.O.P has chosen #FROM_TOP, #TwentySeven, #Exhibition, #NewYork, and #ChoiSeungHyun.

He talked about how his photo exhibition, “From TOP,” came about. “I don’t show myself nowadays so I thought it was kind of funny and brave for me to hang my photos for an exhibition. I laughed at this project when it began,” he said.

He also talked about how he chose the photos to be put on the exhibit, saying, “I think a person’s eyes are very important. What I tried to do is select pictures that show different eyes telling different stories.”

He also talked about why the photos were shot in New York and why he had a lot of photos showing silly expressions and showing his left profile.

Finally, he talked about the color that represents both T.O.P and Choi Seung Hyun himself. “I’d say black and white. Both the truth and lies are there. I’ve included this fake persona of mine. Sometimes, I get presented as more than I am, fancier than I am. But really, there’s nothing to me and trying to come to my senses in all that confusion, I think that’s the truth inside me and I tend to debate between the two identities.”

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