[Exclusive] Bob Girls’ Debut Album Giveaway + Debut Showcase Interview!

4-member girl group Bob Girls – consisting of members Danbi, Yoojung, Gina, and Dahye – just made its debut yesterday, on June 11, with the release of “The 1st Single Album.” They held their debut showcase on the same day at a conference hall located in Gangnam, Seoul. They are the second girl group to debut under Chrome Entertainment, home of last year’s unexpected big hit Crayon Pop.

Soompi was invited to the meaningful showcase, where you can read the interview below! Also, we got some CDs personally signed by the girls to giveaway, so make sure to participate!

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Q: Why did you come up with the name Bob Girls?
Danbi: Our CEO came up with the name. It’s to symbolize a female’s transformation. We decided to go with the name because we wanted to show you our good sides through [future] transformations.

Q: How do you feel about your debut? Also, what are you goals?
Danbi: Can’t believe that we’re making our debut and am really happy. Our goal? Since we’re rookies, we want to show how hard we’re working and receive the title Rookie of the Year. (Crowd applause)


Q: You said that you wanted to show a transformation, but you’re called Bob Girls so that image is quite limited. How do you plan to break that image?
Gina: We’ve searched the key term ‘단발머리’ (literal translation: short hair; Bob Girls in Korean) and there were so many pages. Also, the word’s merit is not that great actually *laugh*, but AOA is also coming out with the track “Bob Cut” (same word in Korean) so we hope that either title or group name, the term will become well loved.

Q: Crayon Pop is your agency seniors. How did they feel and did they give you any words?
Dahye: They told us that they were very curious in the beginning what kind of concept we’ll go with. When we said that we’ll be singing ballad, they were a bit envious. They said that we shouldn’t be nervous and advised us that we’ll be fine if we worked as hard as we’ve been practicing. They don’t have cellphones, but talked to us by borrowing the CEO’s phone and cheered us on.

Q: If you can say what your group is in one word.
Gina: Crayon Pop is a cute group, so we’re [that] plus sexy.
Yoojung: This is the first time I’ve had short hair so I cried a lot. I’ve cheered up and have decided to work hard.


Q: There are also K-MUCH seniors. What words of advice did they give, and since the World Cup is around the corner along with plenty of idols coming out these days, how do you plan to set yourself apart?
Gina: First of all, just like Crayon Pop seniors, K-MUCH cheered us saying that we’ll do well. They also said that we should be thankful that that’s our name. They came to support us, so thank you!
Dahye: We plan to show different images so don’t expect that we’ll just sport short hair with a sexy image. Next time we can have a shorter hairstyle or longer hairstyle.

Q: Who has the most aegyo? Can you show us?
Gina: Yoo Jung has too much aegyo.


Q: Can you even go to the extreme like being bald? You girls mutually agreed with the agency to come out with short hair..
Dahye: We don’t plan on going that extreme, but there will be a chance where we can show you much longer hair.

Q: Please show us the choreography points for your song
Yoojung: We write name with our bottoms.


Q: People do Twitter and Facebook a lot these days, but is there a member who does SNS really well?
All: Dahye!
Dahye: People relieve stress in different ways like going out and hanging out with friends, but I relieve it through SNS.
Yoojung: I also try to upload a lot and interact with fans by looking at comments.

Q: Are there any fans/guys that you’d like to have?
Yoojung: We’re honored to have a lot of fans. However, we have a bias towards guys with longer hair.

Q: What are your charms?
Dahye: You might be guilty, but it’s being straightforward.
Gina: My 180 degree, totally unexpected charm.
Yoojung: People say that I’m 4D, but I think that I can dance sexily so sexy is my charm.
Danbi: I look like that I’m shy with few words, but I’m very cute and have a lot of aegyo from what my unnis say.


Q: Is there something you’d like to say to your fans?
Dahye: Please support and cheer us, Bob Girls. Love you!
Gina: We just made our debut so we’re very thankful that you came to our showcase and we’ll work hard so we’ll be the best so please be the best [fans].
Yoojung: It will be great if you can stay with us until we change our hairstyles (JOKE), .. thank you.
Danbi: We’re always thankful and will work hard so that we don’t forget our feelings from this stage and the early part of our artist career so thank you for this time.

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